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Anthony Brian Logan

Your Ford F150 Raptor Truck Is Now LGBTQ Friendly!



Your Ford F150 Raptor Truck Is Now LGBTQ Friendly!

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Anthony Brian Logan, a well-known political commentator and writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia, who now resides in East Tennessee.


Anthony’s journey to conservatism began when his “red pill moment” occurred well into adulthood, causing him to shift from politically liberal views to socially conservative ones.

Since then, he has become a prominent voice in the conservative community and has made several press appearances, including RT, RT France, Press TV Iran, The Blaze TV, Compound Media with Taleeb Starkes, The Wayne Dupree Show, Jubilee Media, VICE News, TV One News One Now, C-Span, and local newspapers.

Anthony has also been invited to the White House three times and travels across the nation doing speaking engagements and public appearances. While you can find Anthony on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and especially YouTube, his website will serve as the hub for all things related directly to him and topics he has a strong interest in.

Stay up-to-date on the latest conservative commentary and analysis from Anthony Brian Logan by visiting his website. Join the thousands of viewers who have already found their home on his platform and discover why he is one of the most prominent conservative voices in the media.


Visit his website:

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