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Persona 3 Portable Yukari Social Link Guide And Choices




Maxing out the Persona 3 Yukari Social Link is the only way to start a romance with Yukari and unlock the ultimate Lovers Persona, Cybele–if you’re playing the male route. The female protagonist just becomes good friends with Yukari and learns how to summon Cybele.

This guide explains how to start the Yukari Social Link in Atlus’ RPG and the best choices to pick for each protagonist. We’ve only included the conversations where a dialogue choice matters. For any that we didn’t include, you can pick any dialogue option and get the same result.


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How to start the Yukari Social Link

Yukari is available from April 28 on, but you might have to wait depending on which hero you’re playing as. The female protagonist can start the Social Link immediately, but the male protagonist needs rank six (max) charm. If you visit the cafe every day and attend photo club, you may be able to max out the charm stat by the end of summer, but just bear in mind this likely means excluding other stats and social pursuits as a result.


After you do begin Yukari’s Social Link, you can find her during the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in your classroom at Gekkoukan High.

If you’re looking for an easier Social Link to start with, pay a visit to the bookstore and kick off the Hierophant Social Link.

How to romance Yukari

If you’re playing as the male protagonist, you start a romantic relationship with Yukari just by leveling up her Social Link. Unlike later Persona games, there’s no “big moment” where you profess your feelings. The two of you just grow closer. That’s true for your relationships with Aigis, Mitsuru, and Fuuka as well, and even though you don’t have a choice in the matter, you also don’t get penalized for having multiple girlfriends.

The female protagonist can’t romance Yukari.


Best gifts for Yukari

If you want to rank up faster, you can give Yukari a gift or two to help boost your relationship. She prefers:

  • Fashion items (Purse, watch, perfume, bag)
  • Flowers (Roses, glass vase)

Yukari Social Link choices

As with Persona 3’s other Social Links, make sure to bring a Persona of the matching Arcana to get an extra relationship boost for every correct answer. For Yukari, that’s the Lovers Arcana. Pixie, Alp, and Tam Lin are the cheapest options and the easiest to fuse.

Yukari Social Link rank 1

No choice matters here, regardless of your protagonist

Yukari Social Link rank 2–Female protagonist

Hey, what’s your favorite flower?

  • Roses, no question (+3)
  • I like Gerbera (+3)

Yukari Social Link rank 2–Male protagonist

Hey, I think I’m gonna go with gerberas, but which color should I get?

Oh, you’ve never seen my room, have you? Well, what good are you?


Yukari Social Link rank 3–Female protagonist

Yukari Social Link rank 3–Male protagonist

Yukari Social Link rank 4–Male protagonist


Yukari Social Link rank 4–Female protagonist


Yukari Social Link rank 5–Male protagonist

Yukari is trembling. It doesn’t seem like she really means what she’s saying

Yukari Social Link rank 5–Female protagonist

If you’re playing as the male protagonist, you’ll have to wait much longer before you can start Yukari’s Social Link.

Yukari Social Link rank 6–Male protagonist

Thanks for your help back then. I really appreciate it


Yukari Social Link rank 6–Female protagonist

D-Did it make you mad?

*chuckle* …I wonder why

  • Isn’t it because we’re friends? (+3)

Yukari Social Link rank 7–Male protagonist

“We could have lunch outdoors. Maybe we’ll even see a deer or something. Whaddya think?”

Yukari Social Link rank 7–Female protagonist

Yukari Social Link rank 8–Male protagonist

Hey, how ’bout you pick one out for me?

Yukari Social Link rank 8–Female protagonist

Oh, I know. How ’bout you pick a pair for me?

  • Let’s get a matching set! (+3)

Yukari Social Link rank 9–Male protagonist

Yukari is quiet

Yukari Social Link rank 9–Female protagonist

I-I’m thinking about looking for a boyfriend

  • You won’t have a problem with that (+3)

Yukari Social Link rank 10–Male protagonist

What am I saying!? Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?

Yukari Social Link rank 10–Female protagonist

Hm… I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this before. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

  • Any choice except “I don’t listen to music” gives +3

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