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North West ambulance service appeals for return of stolen defibrillator | NHS



An ambulance service has appealed for the return of a life-saving defibrillator which was stolen minutes into the new year.

North West ambulance service warned that using such equipment incorrectly can cause “serious harm” and be “potentially fatal in the wrong hands”.

The medical device, which is used in life-threatening emergencies when people are in cardiac arrest, was taken from the scene of an incident in Union St West, Oldham, Greater Manchester at about 12.15am.

Every North West ambulance service emergency vehicle carries a defibrillator as a staple device but it is of a different kind to those used in the community and should not be used without proper training.


A spokesperson for the service said: “These defibrillators are much larger than the community ones and those in public buildings, and special training is required to use them – as well as being an expensive and necessary piece of equipment for any ambulance crew, using them incorrectly can cause serious harm and they can be potentially fatal in the wrong hands.

“We urge whoever took it not to use it on anyone and to contact us on 0345 113 0099 to arrange its return.”

They asked anyone with information about the stolen defibrillator to call the same number.

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