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New Zealand smoking ban: Will it work if it ignores vaping?



Outlawing the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2013 and mandating low-nicotine cigarettes for others will help New Zealand reach its smoke-free vision, but vaping will still be an issue


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10 December 2021

Cigarettes may soon be difficult for young people in New Zealand to access


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New Zealanders born after 2013 will never legally be allowed to buy cigarettes as part of proposed legislation to drive smoking rates towards zero. Experts believe it will effectively deter young people from taking up smoking, but are concerned they will adopt vaping instead.

The legislation, which is due to be introduced to the New Zealand parliament in mid-2022, also seeks to encourage existing smokers to quit by reducing the allowed nicotine content in cigarettes to make them …

Article amended on
15 December 2021

We clarified the age of people affected by the proposed ban


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