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Letter using man’s ‘life story’ instead of his address arrives safely at right house



Mr McAllister told The Telegraph: “One of the sorters asked me if I knew who this person was. I told him I knew exactly who it’s for and he said: ‘I feel like I know him too, for his whole life story is on the front.’

“I knew immediately it was Feargal Lynn’s place. We went to primary school together in the village. Everyone here knows everyone else, it’s that kind of place.

Mr McAllister added: “I have to say the description of where he lived on the envelope was pretty much his life story. We loved his discos in the 80s. We all wanted to go to them.”


The letter was written in response to a letter from Mr Lynn to a Belfast-based friend who had visited Cushendall on her holidays. The problem was that Mr Lynn, who has taken to handwriting letters as a way of coping with stress, had neglected to include his own address.

‘Like seeing my life on an envelope’

Mr Lynn said: “I decided last year to write handwritten letters after a singer/songwriter friend Hannah Scott wrote a song called The Letter about keeping the art of letter writing alive.

“I wrote to a friend over Christmas whom I’d known all my life from summer holidays and I didn’t put my address on the letter. This was her response. It was like seeing my life on an envelope.”

His friend’s letter included a recipe for coleslaw, which Mr Lynn had expressed an interest in.

He said: “I said thanks for the chat and the craic over the summer and tell me this, given your commitment to vegetarianism do you know much about coleslaw as I’m trying to get my diet and healthy eating together for the new year.”


Mr Lynn praised the efforts of his local Royal Mail staff in ensuring his friend’s letter arrived safely, even with such a sketchy description of its intended destination.

He wrote on Twitter: 

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