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Julia Fox Defends Tiny Mouse-Infested Apartment, Says It’ll Keep Her Son From Becoming ‘A F***ing Prick’



Model and actress Julia Fox doubled down on claims that she loved her small, mouse-infested apartment and hopes that living there would make her toddler son less entitled.

The 32-year-old mom of one recently went viral for an apartment tour she posted to TikTok. Viewers were shocked that a celebrity would live in such a modest two-bedroom apartment, even in New York City

Fox defended her home, saying she intentionally lives below her means for some very specific reasons. 


“I really wasn’t expecting my apartment tour to go so viral, and people are freaking out over it,” she said Monday during a TikTok update.

“I just want you guys to know that, like, first of all, I’m not worth $30 million, not even close,” she continued, referencing comments fans had made about her net worth. “And second of all, I don’t give a f***. I don’t need $30 million — what does one person need $30 million for? I’ve survived on a lot less and I’m doing just fine.”

The “Uncut Gems” star shares her 2-year-old son Valentino with her ex Peter Artemiev. The model is also known for her short-lived romance with rapper Kanye West.


Fox’s apartment features two small bedrooms which are both allotted to her toddler son, one as his bedroom and one as his playroom. Meanwhile, the actress said she uses the living room as her bedroom and co-sleeps with her son.

“It’s really not that deep,” she said of the tiny apartment. “This just happens to be the apartment where I took my son home from the hospital, so it’s his home. … It really is Valentino’s apartment. It’s like a sentimental thing.”

“That’s kind of why I’m, like, even though I could probably afford a bigger place probably, because I am in New York, after all — it’s about having that sense of normalcy for Valentino,” Fox continued.

Fox furthermore doesn’t want her son to grow up spoiled and entitled.


“I don’t want him to grow up and be, like, a f***ing prick, you know what I mean? I want him to be in touch with the f***ing real world because I grew up in the real world, believe it or not,” she explained. “I just want my son to have the same.”

In the previous home tour video posted to TikTok, Fox described excessive wealth as “icky” and “wasteful,” especially in light of how many people are homeless. She further admitted that she gets along with the mice that crawl around her apartment at night. 

“It’s a problem depending on how you look at it,” Fox said of the rodent infestation. “I kind of let them rock. I appreciate that they, um, at night while we’re sleeping, come out and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor.”


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