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Joy as incredibly rare tiger from critically endangered species born at London Zoo



One of the world’s rarest tigers has been born at London Zoo, as part of a conservation push to save the critically endangered species.

Footage from the zoo shows Gaysha, a 10-year-old Sumatran tiger, cleaning and feeding her tiny cub, just hours after its birth in the early hours of December 12.

Sumatran tigers, from Indonesia, are the rarest and smallest subspecies of tiger, with the latest figures suggesting that only 300 remain in the wild.


Newborn tigers’ eyes remain closed for the first few days after birth, and the cub will remain tucked away in the cubbing den until its first vaccinations, when vets and zookeepers will also be able to determine its sex.

However, the zoo’s hidden “cubcam” has managed to capture some milestone moments, including the youngster taking its first wobbly steps.

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