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Gender gap in doctors’ drug risk warnings? | Letters



I have been successfully treated with HRT for over 30 years, which has allowed for a full and active life (Report, 4 May). Each time it was prescribed, I was given a warning about the risks and a note that I accepted them was put on my records. During this time my husband was never warned about the probably greater risk of taking alcohol with his many medicines. I wonder about the difference.
Evie Hughes
Chiswick, London

I’m delighted that Boris Johnson doesn’t know who Lorraine Kelly is (Report, 3 May). Johnson is, regrettably, the prime minister, a role of the utmost seriousness, especially in the current dire situation. Hopefully, he doesn’t have time to watch daytime TV. If he does, I’d be even more alarmed about him than I already am.
Alan Clark

Re Dr Anette Magnussen and her unease about the Walter Sickert exhibition (Letters, 2 May), Caravaggio, Cellini and Richard Dadd were all murderers, yet their art has been exhibited for centuries with few repercussions.
Martin Freedman


Perhaps a first step to improving parliamentary behaviour would be to abolish the offensive title of “whip” (‘Some bad apples’: senior Tory minister denies institutional misogyny, 1 May).
Tim Barker
Eastington, Gloucestershire

I’ve just caught up with Nell Frizzell’s article (It smells like sex out there – and we seem determined to ignore it, 1 May). I hate to say this, but I think she needs to get out less.
Phil Robinson

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