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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prior to reaching out to us, please review our FAQ page. An FAQ section can help address common questions and concerns, reducing the need to reach out to customer support for basic information.

How does the news aggregation process work on the website?

The news aggregation process on typically involves gathering news articles and information from various sources, such as news outlets and social media, and displaying them in one place for convenience and easy access.

How often is the news updated on the site?

The frequency of news updates on a website can vary, but most news aggregation sites aim to provide real-time or near real-time updates.

Can users submit their own news articles?

Yes! If you’d like to become a contributor, please send an email to for more information. 

How does the website determine which news sources to feature?

Notcensored uses a variety of factors to determine which news sources to feature, such as the source’s reputation, reliability, and relevance to the audience.

Is there a way to filter news based on categories or topics?

Yes, Notcensored has options for users to filter news based on categories or topics of interest.

How accurate is the information displayed on the website?

The accuracy of the information displayed on Notcensored can vary, as the website is only as accurate as the sources it aggregates from. It’s important for users to fact-check the information they see on the site.

Does the website have a political bias in its news selection?

Notcensored aims to present a balanced and neutral view of the news, without any political bias.

Can users subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates?

Yes, Notcensored offers the option for users to subscribe to multiple newsletters to receive updates.

How does the website handle misinformation and fake news?

The handling of misinformation and fake news varies by website, but many have fact-checking policies in place and work to remove false information.

Are there job opportunities at Notcensored? 

We post job openings on our Careers page. 

How do I my content posted on Notcensored? 

Basic Package: $200 per month, includes feature on Notcensored’s website and social media channels. Receive your own category and post whatever you want! Up to 20 posts a month.

Premium Package: $500 per month, includes feature on Notcensored’s website and social media channels, access to analytics and content creation services. Receive your own category and post whatever you want! Up to 60 posts a month.

Long-term Partnership: 10% discount for bloggers who commit to a year-long partnership, with additional benefits such as priority placement on the site and social media promotion.



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