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Chronic Tolerance Breaks – Get Higher



The benefits of cannabis use don’t always fade over time. Some casual users can indulge in cannabis for years at a time without much of a change in their highs. In the end, a number of variables will decide if you can profit from a tolerance break. These include personal biology, the quantity and frequency of cannabis use, and the THC concentration of your preferred strains.

THC is quickly absorbed by the lungs after smoking and enters the bloodstream. The liver metabolizes THC in edibles, which is a considerably slower process. The effects, which typically come on harder and linger longer than they would with smoking or vaping, might take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours to become apparent.

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors, specifically CB1, are downregulated when you consume THC-rich cannabis often and in significant doses, which results in diminished highs. Smoking a lot but not often will gradually alter how your body reacts to cannabinoids. Regular smokers benefit most from tolerance breaks, but they also typically find the procedure more difficult because of withdrawal symptoms, which are albeit generally moderate. Additionally, compared to occasional smokers, frequent smokers will need a longer time of abstinence to reset their CB1 receptors.



Regular exercise will help you release feel-good chemicals, speed up your metabolism, and get rid of any remaining THC. By engaging the ECS, even a short run, bike ride, or brisk stroll can have a significant impact on a tolerance break. Particularly during aerobic exercise, substances that bind to the same receptors as THC are released into the body. Although they attach with less affinity than the psychoactive THC, these endogenous compounds are potent enough to provide the ill-known “runner’s high.” During your tolerance break, keeping up a regular workout routine can help you come down easily and possibly metabolize THC more quickly.

Finally, think about taking a tolerance break to reset your system if you feel that cannabis use isn’t having the desired benefits.

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Cannabis blogger Johnny Savage resides in New York City, NY. He writes on the connections between life in general and personal development, travel, and cannabis.

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