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Crypto25 mins ago

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Consolidates, Ahead of Pivotal FOMC Meeting

Bitcoin consolidated recent gains on March 21, as markets await the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Many expect...

Geopolitics54 mins ago

In Search of a Mind

Tuesday is normally the day George publishes his weekly analysis, but that will not be happening this week. After three...

Politics58 mins ago

Press: It’s Even Worse Than COVID-19: The ‘Woke’ Pandemic

Where’s Anthony Fauci when we need him? There’s a new pandemic sweeping the country. It’s called “Wokeism.” And it’s worse...

Tech2 hours ago

New ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals Massive Conspiracy To Censor Accurate Pandemic Information

A new batch of “Twitter Files” from journalist Matt Taibbi reveals a mass conspiracy by elements of the government, academia...

Business2 hours ago

HOG focus on bread-and-butter business can lift stock by 30%, Morgan Stanley says

It’s worth hopping on Harley-Davidson due to the company’s focus on the core business and better-off consumer, according to Morgan...

Finance2 hours ago

First Republic Stock Fights Back as Jamie Dimon Leads Rescue Talks

First Republic Bank stock regained some ground early Tuesday after a report that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was leading...

YouTube3 hours ago

PMO texts show banks were pressured to seize Freedom Convoy funds before Emergencies Act

PMO texts show banks were pressured to seize Freedom Convoy funds before Emergencies Act Source link

Geopolitics4 hours ago

Thai PM Dissolves Parliament, Paving Way For May Election – The Diplomat

Advertisement Thailand’s parliament has been dissolved by a government decree, setting the stage for a general election in May that...

Science5 hours ago

Oxygen on early Earth may have come from quartz crushed by earthquakes

Veins of white quartz in granite on the north-east coast of the US Richard Berube / Alamy Stock Photo Earthquakes...

Crime5 hours ago

CA Legislature Kills Crime Bills

Last week the California Assembly Public Safety Committee killed bills introduced to address rising gun crimes, homelessness and the Newsom...