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Hodge Twins

Black Transgender Goes Berserk On Uber Driver



Black Transgender Goes Berserk On Uber Driver

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Hodgetwins, also known as the Conservative Twins, an American stand-up comedy and conservative political commentary duo consisting of twin brothers Keith and Kevin Hodge.


The Hodgetwins initially gained fame as YouTubers, where their unique blend of humor and conservative commentary quickly won over a large audience. Since then, they have expanded their reach to live stand-up comedy shows, where they continue to entertain audiences with their sharp wit and incisive political analysis.

Keith and Kevin are known for their irreverent approach to politics and current events, and their ability to deliver serious messages with a comedic edge. They have built a loyal following of viewers and listeners who appreciate their unique perspective on the issues facing America today.

Visit the Hodgetwins’ website to stay up-to-date on their latest comedy shows and political commentary. Join the thousands of fans who have already discovered their hilarious and thought-provoking content, and find out why the Hodgetwins are one of the most beloved conservative duos in the media today.

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